Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy or Sad

I'm having a hard time grasping how my son will be in Kindergarten in a few days, if he was just born yesterday... The days are long and the years are short, how fast they have gone by...

Now if I can only make it through the first day of school without crying!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Blues are turning Green

Photo Credit

Hello, Hello, what a day! I went outside on this beautiful So Cal day to

see my beautiful blue Hydrangeas I bought a few weeks ago, and to my surprise

I noticed they were turning green!!! Oh the horror!!! I purposely paid a pretty penny

for the pretty blue flowers, which are now turning a light green. Are there any green thumbs out

there that can let me know whats going on? How can I get back my baby blues???

Monday, June 7, 2010

Piano Hands

It was always a childhood dream of mine to play piano. Never had the opportunity to play, and when I did, I was no longer interested =0(! I will be encouraging (forcing, LOL) my kids to pursue an instrument. I can imagine, after a long day, sitting in front of a piano, unwinding, and playing a beautiful song. Thinking of this reminds me of the many years my Lil sis practiced and played piano. Being able to hear someone play and sing is so beautiful. She has a beautiful voice, even without the piano. God has truly blessed her with overflowing talent.

In the picture above is my darling Hailey at 5 months hitting the keys with her Auntie Melissa.

My handsome son Carter along with my daughter Kaitlyn, and sister Melissa...!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bow Craze!

There is nothing in the world cuter than a little girl with a bow in her hair.

I made a few and just had to try them on Hailey.
She loved the Pink and green!!! Purdy girl!
Then I decided to try on the green and brown.

As pretty as I thought it was she didn't like it at all.

Loved it.
Green and Brown.

Hated it.

For a 4 month old, she sure does know what she likes and doesn't like!!!

Little princess has chosen, Pink stays, green goes!!!

Finding Furniture---I NEED YOU!!!!!!


How easy was it for you to find the perfect sofa? End tables? Coffee table? Chairs? Any piece that would go into a semi formal living room. How many stores did you leave empty handed?

This is where I am today, yesterday, the day before, the week before, and its driving me NUTS!

I'm searching for the perfect living room, the one that exists in my mind, the one that is functional, grown up and classy at the same time.

I'm searching for a sofa (or two love seats) that has turned legs, rolled arms, and a neutral fabric. I'm also searching for 2 chairs, not sure the kind, maybe something chunky with bolder fabric? I would like to incorporate black & white Damask in where ever I can. I'd also like to get drapes for both windows (not sure color).

Would anyone out there like to help?

I want the room pretty neutral, one day Id like dark hardwood floors. I have a blank slate, One big empty room. About 18ft long 12 wide, Ill measure when I head down stairs. Its a 3 walled room. The far wall has the fire place, and the left and right wall have large windows.

Got any ideas? Ill post some pics of my room soon... Thanks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Fun-Balboa Park/Natural History Museum

We had a wonderful weekend in San Diego. The weather was perfect, like always.

Carter was smiles all day! Our lil ladies were enjoying themselves in the stroller.

Carter and Mommy in front of a lovely water fountain, wish it was in my backyard!

Carter loved the Koi fish. He says he would like a pet fish, ugh, maybe Goldfish. LOL

My lil sweetie just kept on smiling ALL day.

These plants are so very gorgeous, and still he is SMILING!

I love this boy!!!

This tree was HUGE! I wish I would of taken a pic of how far it went into the sky.

Getting ready to go into the Museum.

This shark was huge! Just like the tree.

Kate finally cracked a smile! (after much begging!)

My Hubby, and loves.

The have wonderful displays.

Daddy and Daughter.

Beautiful bird display.

I LOVE my family, and am so blessed to have them around me everyday.

I am so happy to be a Wife and Mommy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Last Sunday, Easter, late agaiN!

My Sweet family Easter Sunday 2010!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! The kids and I colored eggs, drew Easter
bunnies and hid Easter eggs.
For Easter Sunday we went to church, watched the youth perform a play, heard the children's choir sing and heard a quick message. We decided to eat Easter lunch at Romanos Macaroni Grill. I ordered the Chicken Scallopini! it was DELICIOUS!!!! I love that place! After we were all stuffed we decided to head out to the duck pond. Since we were all nicely dressed it was a perfect time to snap some pictures. Here are a couple of my most favorites... Mommy hugging Carter! Soo Sweet!

Carter full of energy, burning some before we head home.
Daddy and his lil ladies! Hailey never once looked at the camera, ever!!!

Carter is always ready, Katie is easily distracted and Hailey was looking at the birds!

Kailtlyn is twirling

Had to get one of this sweet face! Shes 4 months old now!

Hailey was asleep for this pic =0(!

Katie, Daddy and Carter!

My darling Katie

We had such a wonderful afternoon, then it was time to go home.

BEST IPhone Armband EVER!!!

My Love and I!!!

Along with my New Years Resolution to cut the clutter, which Ive been doing... I've also started weight training! My handsome husband is my trainer and he is AWESOME! When we have those sorta tired lazy days hes always there to encourage me, and remind me of my weight loss goals.
Since hes the greatest husband in the world he purchased me an armband for my IPhone. Actually he purchased me two. I got to choose which one I liked best. They both were terrific. But I had to choose one. The one I chose was from Belkin. I love it!!! The material is soft neoprene, it has a volume control on the outside, also has a keyhole just in case you go to the gym or a walk without your purse. It also has reflective material on face, for night runs or walks.

Have you purchased any special items for the IPhone that are a must have?? Please share!!!

Have you given into the IPAD yet? I think I'm going to pass on this one. Looks like an over sized IPhone! Have The price is crazy too! Besides, next year they'll come out with a new! Always happens!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!! Time to hop on the treadmill!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Un-diaper Bag

Happy Happy Thursday!! We are more than half way to the Weekend! Any plans?

(photo from TheSavvySource)

I'm on the prowl for something new!
A large, stylish bag, something that could double as a diaper bag??? I know there are tons of HOTT Bags out there right now. But Im sooo out of the loop since having my babies! Times and styles change so fast I can hardley keep up with my laundry let alone knowing that hair clips have been out since 1999!LOL

The larger the better, a pocket for my phone, and maybe just one zipper pocket. I dont need 52 compartments or even a zipper. The joys of being a nursing mommy mean, no hauling around bottles of water, bottles, formula, bibs or any of that! That part is FANTASTIC! My main purse stuff, wallet, keys, cosmetic pouch, extra diapers,onesie, burp cloth, and boob pads! LOL

Designerish, Please nothing over $500!!! THANKS ahead of time!

The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods

Do you have any of these items in your pantry? You're not alone.
If you've never visited go! I was looking around and found this eye opening article I'd like to share! The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods.
It was written by a gentleman named Brad Reed. After reading this article I realized how unhealthy my choices sometimes are. I actually felt much healthier minutes before reading this. =0( Hopefully you can use this advice to better your family's eating habits...

New Rules....

(My layered birthday cake made for me by Kaitlyn)
(Here's Kaitlyn showing me her cake again, insisting on carrying it everywhere, driving me nuts, and all I keep doing is sweeping!LOL So I asked her if I could stick it in a baggie, then she could carry it around! LOL)
I woke up feeling FANTASTIC! Which hardly ever happens. So I decided to have a non-stop day with the kiddos and house duties. I started off with breakfast with the older two, while lil sleeping beauty Hailey was still snoozing. Threw a load in, then we did some learning. Carter calls it homework, what it is, is studying his letters, numbers, sounds, cutting and his name. Then princess woke up, so while the kids colored the lessons of the day, I fed Hailey. (Folded the load, and threw another in) After that we decided to come down and play with some play dough, FUN FUN!!! Messy Messy but oh so fun, well worth it!
(Very proud of her dough skills)
(Kate holding the horse Carter made)
(Carters self portrait! Impressive lil dude!Yes that huge Step2 house is inside where my nook table is supposed to be!!! Not for much longer though!)
(Carters play dough creation of a horse)
The kids aren't ever done playing play dough. (Folded more and threw another in and swept) Fed Hailey again and shes out for her first nap. (Swept play dough, emptied dish washer) So I prepare lunch and empty out the sink, wash dishes and what not, and start thinking about dinner. Kids eat, Hailey is asleep. (Fold load, threw another in) Align Center
(Carter took this picture of his watch, on his wrist! )
Craft time has begun and we are cutting, gluing, ripping, everything you can imagine! ( I sweep again, this time PAPER) while they are still cutting away I'm talking to the wall at this point telling the kids to please cut over the craft mats. LOL didn't listen... So Hailey is up and eats again. Ive started strolling her around in the stroller around the house, so I can get a few things done. Its hard doing things one handed and sooo much easier without a baby on your hip! (Folded again, forgot to throw a load in) Then we sit and read a couple books, do puzzles and play Lego's.Fed lil Hailey and shes asleep again. Kaitlyn asks if its time for dinner, cause shes really hungry! LOL! So I prepare dinner, and as I'm cutting the chicken Hailey wakes up, perfect timing! So by the time dinner is done, brownies are done, kids are eating, I'm feeding Hailey again, playing and its finally my turn to eat. it is now 630 and I need them to be upstairs by 7 to get my new bedtime routine started. We made it! Kids are showered, teeth are brushed and its still 7:20pm. Nice! So we read several books, talk about what we'd like to do tomorrow and by 8 they are in bed!!! I check on them every 15 mins after that till they are asleep. I'm proud to say they were asleep by 815!!! I am thrilled, and don't know what to do with myself, so I came to you blogging friends! This is my new routine, I hope it works daily and we stick to it. Its hard but very beneficial especially since I think my lil ones need more sleep, since they don't nap...
Ill let you know if its still working after a week! Oh yeah and I finished all of my laundry in one day! And the brownies were Delicious!!!!!!

My warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, whipped creme, and strawberries! YUM-O!!!