Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time for an update!

Hi Ya'll! I've been here and there and everywhere, just not on here posting! I've tried my best to sit and make time, but as you and I know there is never enough to go around. So I decided to share what my dining room looks like now... I still have not painted or purchased my dream chandelier yet! But, all will come soon enough. So here it is... can we all say Frenchy! I love the walnut top, the curvyness of the legs, and the romantic feel it has, but I now think it is time we part ways...! So yes this is on the market as well as the matching Hutch. It is a vintage Stanley Furniture set.
My mind is scrambled with ideas of which direction I am going to go, and colors to choose. A blank slate might be just what I need...

Here is my dream chandelier... One day we will meet and I will give it a new home. I would love to have this hanging over our formal dining area. One Day!!!

If you have any ideas thoughts or pretty things to share with me, let me know!!!