Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Name isn't JUST a Name

All mothers must go through the endless lists of baby names until they find the perfect fit. At 31 weeks I still have not found it. I've gone from Googles most popular, to unique, to switching years all the way back to the 50's and nothing. Maybe I have not found it yet, or maybe I have and just don't know I have. i want something feminine, something with substance, something i can take a nickname out of, something girly and pretty! Is that too much to ask for? So Lord in front of all my fellow bloggers, I am asking for some help, guidance and direction. The perfect name is out there I just have to find it!

If you know of a baby girl name, which fits all of the above, please let me know... my time is running out!

The Note...

Today was an interesting day... This afternoon before dinner, my husband found a note on the door which was typed and written anonymous. Our neighbor, or whomever it is, has asked us to bring in our dogs, which have been barking too much at night, and are keeping them up.

I totally understand where they are coming from, although them barking is out of my control, and if it wasn't for the neighborhood cats running through our yard, we wouldn't have an issue, so since we are peace makers, and are compassionate with our neighbors who never wave, or even look in our direction as we pass them, we will be bringing our pooches in at night. We apologise for keeping you up at night, and for the nuisance both our 3lb dogs have been.

Bad, Bad, Bad...

I have been the worst blogger out there, I think! LOL I had planned to write so often, I cant believe that I let myself down!

Lets see, so much has gone on these past few months!

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant and would have liked to do weekly updates of my progress, but didn't. So today I will fill you in. So, I'm having a girl! Yippie! Still no name picked out. My due date is Nov 24th. She is breach as of last weeks ultrasound, and I'm praying and trusting God to do a miracle. With my previous 2, Ive had both C-section and natural births. I would much rather have a natural. I know God has his hand on my situation and he knows will take care of whatever situation comes my way...
So, I'm not going to promise, but I'm going to try to keep you updated as much as possible!!!