Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not much to say, only Pictures to Share

I love to carry my camera just about everywhere I go. It's 99% of the time always in my purse when I go anywhere. You never know when the kiddos are making the cutest faces, or you catch a glimpse of your "Dream Home" while your taking a scenic drive through the city. Here are a couple random shots over the past two weeks or so... I've been so busy these past few days updating Carters toddler Jungle room, to a Dinosaur big boy room, I need to snap some shots of that, maybe tomorrow.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Take 2 and call me in the morning!!!

Today's not a good day! I know as soon as I wake up in the morning if the day will breeze by or Ill have some trouble coming my way. Today was one of those troublesome days. Migraine for the second day in a row. I'd like to share something with you all regarding the kind of migraines I get.

First of all they aren't your typical regular migraine headache. They are called Complex Migraines. They are probably the worst anyone can possibly get. Symptoms such as weakness, loss of vision, or difficulty speaking in addition to the headache. In fact, a complex migraine may be mistaken for a stroke in many cases. Okay... Yes go back and read that last sentence again!!!One theory about the cause of migraine headaches is that blood vessels in the brain suddenly narrow (or spasm) and then dilate; when the blood vessels dilate, the headache develops. During the spasm phase, certain parts of the brain may receive too little blood, and this may cause the stroke-like symptoms. However, unlike a stroke, blood flow is not permanently interrupted during migraine headaches, and the neurological symptoms are nearly always temporary

I'm 29, healthy and active. I try not to stress out or worry about events. When I am with my family I am happiest. I am scared. I don't want to die. Having headaches like this make me stress about getting these kinds of headaches! LOL ... How do I relax and lead a complex migraine free life? If you happen to be a doctor, know a doctor, or know anything about this, please let me know. I've been seen by my Doctor regarding this issue and was given a shot, told to relax, spend the day in bed, and not to stress.

Please keep me in your prayers!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You are My Sunshine

I haven't written in several days because the 48 hour bug caught me! And now that I am well, I have a horrible migraine! As I was uploading my camera pictures, a picture of Kaitlyn caught my attention. This picture was taken in her room two nights ago. Her Auntie Shelly bought her that horse, and she carries it all over! In the picture I asked Kitty to make a face like a horsie, so this is the face she made! She will be 2 years old in 2 months! Time has just flew by. Make sure you keep your camera handy for all the daily memories you can snap pictures of. Have a blessed day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another cute Idea!

Today is a rainy day, so what a better way to pass the time then to read! I haven't received any new magazine's, so I decided to browse through Living, one I'd received months before.
While reading I came upon the cutest idea... A button filled flower Vase.

Photo used from Martha Stewart Living Magizine.

Here's how to do this crafty idea, especially since we all have tons of buttons laying around.

You'll need a large glass vase, a narrower vase that fits inside it, and enough buttons to fill the space between them. (We used vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, which, unlike plastic ones, are heavy enough that they won't float.)
Fill the bottom of the large vase with buttons, and place the second vessel on top. Add more buttons, filling the space between the vessels, and then add water.
Fill the smaller vessel with water, and arrange flowers inside.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kids will be kids

I love my kids so much! They both are so different yet exactly the same. Since they are so close in age they follow eachother in whatever they are doing for the moment. Here are a couple funny picture I've snapped along these past weeks.
First top picture is the kids hiding under Daddys desk. I looked and looked and found them here.
Second and third picture is of the kids being silly when asked to smile for the camera.
Fourth picture is of kids on furniture I sold on craigslist.
Fifth is Kaitlyn in Carters messy boy room.
Sixth is the kids in the cozy coupe, tightfit!!!

Can't Wait for Spring!

Winter is here for another 6 weeks. The Groundhog saw his shadow. That should explain why we are getting rain this weekend! Winter in So California, is great! No snow, some days 70's or low 80's, and cool, crisp nights.
I can't wait for spring. I've planted some Agapanthus seeds and can't wait to see them sprout.