Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Un-diaper Bag

Happy Happy Thursday!! We are more than half way to the Weekend! Any plans?

(photo from TheSavvySource)

I'm on the prowl for something new!
A large, stylish bag, something that could double as a diaper bag??? I know there are tons of HOTT Bags out there right now. But Im sooo out of the loop since having my babies! Times and styles change so fast I can hardley keep up with my laundry let alone knowing that hair clips have been out since 1999!LOL

The larger the better, a pocket for my phone, and maybe just one zipper pocket. I dont need 52 compartments or even a zipper. The joys of being a nursing mommy mean, no hauling around bottles of water, bottles, formula, bibs or any of that! That part is FANTASTIC! My main purse stuff, wallet, keys, cosmetic pouch, extra diapers,onesie, burp cloth, and boob pads! LOL

Designerish, Please nothing over $500!!! THANKS ahead of time!

The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods

Do you have any of these items in your pantry? You're not alone.
If you've never visited go! I was looking around and found this eye opening article I'd like to share! The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods.
It was written by a gentleman named Brad Reed. After reading this article I realized how unhealthy my choices sometimes are. I actually felt much healthier minutes before reading this. =0( Hopefully you can use this advice to better your family's eating habits...

New Rules....

(My layered birthday cake made for me by Kaitlyn)
(Here's Kaitlyn showing me her cake again, insisting on carrying it everywhere, driving me nuts, and all I keep doing is sweeping!LOL So I asked her if I could stick it in a baggie, then she could carry it around! LOL)
I woke up feeling FANTASTIC! Which hardly ever happens. So I decided to have a non-stop day with the kiddos and house duties. I started off with breakfast with the older two, while lil sleeping beauty Hailey was still snoozing. Threw a load in, then we did some learning. Carter calls it homework, what it is, is studying his letters, numbers, sounds, cutting and his name. Then princess woke up, so while the kids colored the lessons of the day, I fed Hailey. (Folded the load, and threw another in) After that we decided to come down and play with some play dough, FUN FUN!!! Messy Messy but oh so fun, well worth it!
(Very proud of her dough skills)
(Kate holding the horse Carter made)
(Carters self portrait! Impressive lil dude!Yes that huge Step2 house is inside where my nook table is supposed to be!!! Not for much longer though!)
(Carters play dough creation of a horse)
The kids aren't ever done playing play dough. (Folded more and threw another in and swept) Fed Hailey again and shes out for her first nap. (Swept play dough, emptied dish washer) So I prepare lunch and empty out the sink, wash dishes and what not, and start thinking about dinner. Kids eat, Hailey is asleep. (Fold load, threw another in) Align Center
(Carter took this picture of his watch, on his wrist! )
Craft time has begun and we are cutting, gluing, ripping, everything you can imagine! ( I sweep again, this time PAPER) while they are still cutting away I'm talking to the wall at this point telling the kids to please cut over the craft mats. LOL didn't listen... So Hailey is up and eats again. Ive started strolling her around in the stroller around the house, so I can get a few things done. Its hard doing things one handed and sooo much easier without a baby on your hip! (Folded again, forgot to throw a load in) Then we sit and read a couple books, do puzzles and play Lego's.Fed lil Hailey and shes asleep again. Kaitlyn asks if its time for dinner, cause shes really hungry! LOL! So I prepare dinner, and as I'm cutting the chicken Hailey wakes up, perfect timing! So by the time dinner is done, brownies are done, kids are eating, I'm feeding Hailey again, playing and its finally my turn to eat. it is now 630 and I need them to be upstairs by 7 to get my new bedtime routine started. We made it! Kids are showered, teeth are brushed and its still 7:20pm. Nice! So we read several books, talk about what we'd like to do tomorrow and by 8 they are in bed!!! I check on them every 15 mins after that till they are asleep. I'm proud to say they were asleep by 815!!! I am thrilled, and don't know what to do with myself, so I came to you blogging friends! This is my new routine, I hope it works daily and we stick to it. Its hard but very beneficial especially since I think my lil ones need more sleep, since they don't nap...
Ill let you know if its still working after a week! Oh yeah and I finished all of my laundry in one day! And the brownies were Delicious!!!!!!

My warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, whipped creme, and strawberries! YUM-O!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Break

We drove to San Diego's Wild Animal Park, spontaneously, which worked out rather nice!
Here are the kids watching the flamingos. We were there for about 25 minutes. These are Kaitlyn's favorite, aside from the giraffe. Carter did mention he was tired of staring at pink birds, but understood Katie wasn't ready to move on yet.
Our lil one slept the whole 3 hours we were there! Must be nice, getting pushed around and napping!
Hubbs snapped a picture. Came out DARK, okay though, hides flaws...
Here's Carter with a mouth full of Starbursts with the sun in his eyes, and his mommy saying "SMILE" this is what I got! LOL I'm still laughing!
And here's the lil lady! NEED to show this picture to her future husband in 20 years! So cute! Another Starburst lover!
Finally both, one smiling too much and the other not enough!
Carter and his mouth FULL, again, half time we go, NO treats!
These large birds were amazing. They had huge eggs, but I couldn't get a decent shot.
Had to take a shot of this lil guy. We had one of these growing up, Lulu, till she decided to take flight.
The park was rather empty today, so Carter got to run ahead of us to every exhibit.
Did you know it was impolite to stare at the gorillas?
Had to take a shot of this HUGE Silver back...
He dwarfed all the others.
Here's Carter against the image of a gorilla.
Here's a shot of the Love in my life, my Man!
Beautiful Lion
The kids and Daddy with the Lions in the background.
Great Shot
The kids and I, loving the elephants.
Daddy, with the kids, minus Hailey!
Mommy with Baby!
Love the openness of the enclosures here at the Wild Animal Park.
Carter walking ahead of us again...In his favorite RED hat.
Mommy asked him to Stop and SMILE, since it was now time to go HOME! Yippie! That was our spontaneous afternoon. Were planning on doing this again real soon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Won I Won I Won!!!!

I''m writing this post to share that I WON! I think Ive won the best giveaway ever! As many of you know, I delivered my daughter a lil over 3 months ago. Hailey had everything ready for her, hair bows, shoes, clothes, burpies, EVERYTHING, except her bedroom! In all the excitement, I think I just kept putting it off, and putting it off, till she arrived! And now that shes here, Mommy feels horrible =0(!!! So I did what all you blogging Mommy's did... Enter a giveaway! Kelly at Much to Do With Nothing was having a giveaway, but not just any giveaway, a crib bedding giveaway! The set included Crib skirt, Crib bumper, Crib quilt, and Toss Pillow. All made out of the softest materials! This is JUST what I needed to give me a jump start on Hailey's room!

And guess what I WON!!!! This was a blessing! We all know how much crib bedding costs,lots and lots of dollars (as my 2yr old would have said) , which is probably another reason why I hadn't purchased it. I immediately thanked God for such a talented woman he put on earth, who'd spent countless hours, and many blinks sewing together this creation, where I would be laying my little princess to sleep in for the next several years. What a beautiful surprise! I found Kelly's Blog a couple weeks ago, and had caught my eye since she re-upholsters and slip covers furniture. Ive got all kinds of that TO-DO furniture sitting and waiting for me in my garage, I was definantly inspired and I knew immediately her blog was going on my favorites list!

Well this morning when my ring bell (like my 4yr old says) rang, to my surprise it was my mail carrier with a package addressed to ME!!! My son assisted in the opening part and my daughter helped take it out of the package. It was the beautiful crib bedding I'd won! So without thinking I popped it open and propped Hailey on it to take some pics and get a reaction. She's a doll and didn't cry at all! Her little hands kept touching the chenille fabric back and forth! My only regret is I didn't change her to match the bedding or even run to grab her a hair bow! So sorry, but when its on the crib I promise to dress her up like a doll! I cut and filed her nails 3 days ago, and she still manages to scratch her face!

Kelly has several different fabric choices, in a variety of textures. All very beautiful. She needs to open up an Etsy shop! So if your pregnant or know anyone who's pregnant and looking for bedding thats beautiful and handmade visit Kelly at Much To Do With Nothing, she may just have what your looking for. Thank you again Kelly!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm thrilled about, Book Page Wreath

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone in the blogging world has a wonderful relaxing weekend!

I was visiting Jen at Tater tots and Jello and today she is had a guest blogger Erin, from Chris, Erin & Jayce. Erin transformed plain plastic eggs, everyone has too many of, into a very elegant looking wreath! I hope to make time to do this, check out her tutorial by visiting Jen at Tater tots and Jello.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inspire Me

(Not sure where this pic is from, if anyone knows, please let me know, I found it on a google search)

Today I woke up needing some inspiration. I'm on the hunt for some new furniture and haven't quite yet found what Ive been looking for. The thing is, I'm not too sure what I'm looking for anymore. Lately I haven't been able to make a decision, I haven't been able to pinpoint an exact style I want. It's like this, I have so many "ideas" of what I'm looking for in a finished project swirling around in my head, I'm almost confused or car sick. And we all know being car sick isn't pretty. I think its time for me to take a step back and take a breather. This picture is gorgeous, in a perfect world this is what my Living room would look like! Now I just need the strength to pull it all together!

(sorry for picture quality, my iPhone camera has taken over, too bad its not the better!)
In my quest to being a good cook I've decided the only way to get better is to actually cook! LOL So Ive been looking for a cook book, with yummy meals, hopefully nothing too complicated or fancy. If you've got a cook book that you love, please let me know the title! Thanks in advance!