Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celebrating 09 with the sniffles...

Hi, We are all not feeling ourselves! For the past several days we've been sick with the flu. Seemed like it was just an annoying cold at first, it keep lingering and lingering, till I've now

claimed it to be the flu. On Sunday we got to church and I asked Carter to please stand and clap his hands, he just looked at me. Knowing there had to be something wrong, I sat down next to him, hugged him, and felt his little hands, FREEZING! Then I felt his forehead and he was burning up... So we immediately left to the store for some Tylenol and cold medicine. 2 days later Katie and I woke up, messed up. so here we are today... New Years Eve sick, awake all night, exhausted bodies, just wanting to get well...Keep us is your prayers for a quick recovery and healing!!!

Happy New Year!!! and God Bless YOU!!!

A very Merry Christmas!!!

Late again... It's taken me so long to write a post. I'm so slacking!!! Merry late Christmas to all! We had a great Christmas, full of good food, good company, and good kids!

I cant believe how fast it got here and how fast it left... Time sure is flying right by us, lets not forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Just a couple of pictures to share...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pictures or no Pictures...

Thanks for dropping by again!!!
This morning we woke up and got ready for church. I decided not to dress Katie in her beige dress like I thought I would. When we woke this morning it was 40 outside, and there was ice on all the roofs!!! Might just snow this winter (I hope). So I decided to dress her in another beige dress with is a lot warmer, and turned out to be the better pick or the two. Carter wore his red vest I bought him last year, that he never got to wear. It all worked out well until we got home and I announced it was time to take some pictures.
When we arrive home Carter turns on all the Christmas lights and immediately goes upstairs. So I call him for about 5 Min's, over and over, saying, "Come down so we can take pictures!" So Mark gets worried and checks on him, well, he had already decided to change and put his pajamas on!!!

So I didn't get any pictures of him in his Sunday Church clothes. I think Ill have him put them on tomorrow just so I can get a picture! OH MY! I cant my camera BROKE!!! It just died after I took the pictures today... Ugh... now I need to search for a new camera... wish me luck...
FYI:Kaitlyn didn't have enough patience to sit and take pictures so I got what I could. Enjoy!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Girls just wanna have fun!!!

Heres Katie being herself! When we are getting ready to go somewhere or just hanging out in my bedroom, Kaitlyn disappears for a couple mins and returns with a pair of my shoes on! She loves to wear them no matter how many times she almost trips, or actually does trip! Shes such a girl, hope she never changes! Im so proud when she gets older we'll be able to shoe shop together!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!Get ready Ti Nissa!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Awe, I just had to share this family picture with you. My dad, mom and sister Melissa. They look so nice, happy and stuffed!!! They had the church banquet at Toms Hams Lighthouse in Downtown, very yum...
Great shot!!!Love you guys!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Katie's Christmas Dress!

Here is Katie's Christmas dress. She will be wearing this to Church Sunday for the Christmas Service. I just tried it on her, I didn't have her hair done or anything. Sunday Ill be flashing some pics of her all dressed up and ready to go!

Keep my family in your prayers!

The Beginning

Well looks like ive started! Decorating for Christmas that is... The kids had a lot of fun helping me do pretty much everything, even decorate their own trees.
I didnt take as many pictures as I would have liked to but here are a couple.
Ive already finished my Christmas shopping and all the presents are wrapped and under the tree waiting for 13 more days till christmas!(i think) Carter knows which presents belong to him and he takes them from under the tree and piles them on the side! I walk by the living room and find him sitting there with a pile of presents, probably wishing he could open them.
Carter decided he's help me decorate the garland, so he got my extention cord and stuck it in, and said "See Mommy I'm done!" that was the funniest! My next step is getting my Christmas cards out before Christmas!!! AHHH!!! Wish me luck...

see u in a couple days!!!