Monday, November 23, 2009

40 Whole Weeks

Tomorrow marks my due date. A whole 40 weeks carrying someone I can hardly wait to meet. Shes kicked, flipped, and used every bit of belly available to her!
So hows the sleeping you say? What sleep? Here and there, id say. Between the all night heart burn, every 20 minute peeing, and trying to toss and turn to get in a comfy position (which doesn't work,EVER) Id say i must have dozed off in there somewhere at least for a couple of minutes.
With my c-section date approaching in 7 days I am still pretty nervous that she wont make it in time and ill be rolled into the operating room! Ive had so much support in my choice to try for another VBAC, its awesome. I know the recovery time stinks with a c-section, and really never goes back to normal, must be why I feel so strongly about the VBAC.
No matter what route has to be taken when I enter that delievery room, I cant wait to meet my baby girl.

Oh yes! We have her name picked out too! So now we're only missing the beauty to go with it!

*Photo was taken of Me @29wks, with my other birds...

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