Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pink Hydrangeas anyone?

January and February are my gardening months... So I've decided to travel trough the Internet to see what I really want my yard to eventually look like. First off, my front yard needs a complete overhaul, and while I have lots of purple , I am gravitating toward PINK! I found this wonderful picture online I'd like to share...

This picture is of the Acacia Passage Big Leaf Pink Hydrangea in Longwood Gardens Kennett Square, PA. It is just a long hallway, and still has that romantic charm, with the white Iron bench and all that Pink!

I own a white Hydrangea which I now wish was pink after seeing this picture! I am making a plant list of what I want and what what I might want... My end result would be dripping with pink. I have a porch which also needs some character. Ill have to post a picture so I can get some ideas. I have a blank canvas to work with and wouldn't mind using Craigslist to pour on the character.


  1. Well you're my kinda gal! I adore hydrangeas! I'm also pretty much dealing with a blank slate on my front porch and yard. And I have a passion for craigslist *winks* Vanna