Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mine at Easter!

Easter is a beautiful time of year! The smell of Spring is in the air, the gorgeous sunny warm weather, and the kids all dressed up for Easter!!!

When we were kids we'd get all decked out (thanks Mom) lacy gloves, new dresses, hats w\hat pins, new watches, shoes with matching purses, you name it we wore it! I hope to keep that same tradition in my family.

There is nothing like arriving at church with a new outfit, smelling good, full of the confidence of that like on a first day of school! I remember when we wore sponge rollers in our hair all night, and when we'd wake up, there were sore parts on our head!!! Pain means beauty, I just thank God for hot rollers, and curling irons!

This year was a little different, Easter started a week early!!! Don't laugh this is a true story, shows how busy we are in life and how using my IPhone calendar is non-existent!

Saturday nights its usually the time when I get my kids clothes ready for church the next morning. Picking them out usually only takes a few minutes, then comes the ironing, and then the accessories. So for some odd reason I thought Easter was a week earlier! SOOOO, to make a long story short my kids wore their Easter clothes, the Sunday before Easter!!!

Would you believe the horror I felt, and nothing was said about it being Easter!!! Laugh, go ahead!!! So I finally googled Easter 2009, and wow, it WAS the following Sunday!!!
Shame on me!!! =0(

So the following Sunday I did what any mother would have done, pulled the new clothes from the back of the closet that were always my "Just in Case!" Carter had a new shirt, tie, and slacks, and Katie had a new dress. It all worked out fine, I just thank God for making the real Easter not about the clothes, bunny's and egg hunts!
Please forgive me on the weeks that have gone by, and me finally posting about Easter!!!

Here are a couple cute pics of my cuties!!!

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