Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finding the Perfect One

10 years ago when making a purchase, we'd have to visit the many different stores to compare prices. Nowadays we sit, in the comfort of our homes, (in our Jammies) and do online searches.

Knowing I would be a nursing Mommy I wanted to pick up a Nursing cover, and began my search a couple months ago while at Target. Target is equipped with all sorts of baby gear and plenty of brands to choose from. I located only one Nursing cover. The cover was nice, all black, tiny pocket, secure neck Velcro, and a good price of $10 dollars. Although reasonably priced it was too small. Not wanting any accidental flashing's, Id like mine wider.
It would most likely get the job done but for $10 dollars I can probably run over to Joann's and buy fabric and try making one. Baby appointments are nearing as well as appointments for myself, so this is going to be very, very handy in the near future.

The online search pretty much showed me what I didn't want to spend on something like this. With shipping $35 +. Now my search will be a pattern, where can I find one of those? Or do I need one? Ah! Sewing for dummies, would come in handy... My search continues...

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