Thursday, December 17, 2009

We aren't like Rubber bands

When you were a kid and a rubber band found its way into your hand, the curiosity of how far the rubber band would go, usually had you stretching it, shooting it, marking the spot, and trying again over and over.
Well I feel like Ive been stretched too far, and am having a hard time finding my way back. Having a baby takes a toll on every woman, with every birth. This marks my third birthing experience and by far the longest time to snap back from it. What can I do to get back where I used to be, or will I ever get to that spot again? I sleep pretty early, am up several times a night with Hailey, and sleep in anywhere from 9 to 10am. Luckily my kids aren't in school yet, and my husband works from home, and also serves them breakfast, while I'm still catching Z's!
I haven't felt like doing anything around the house, except the things that need to be done.
Shhh...don't tell but Ive got laundry in the dryer, that I DON'T feel like folding... What is up with this?I used to be total OCD with everything. Such a shame....I haven't even decorated for Christmas, and don't plan to. Id like to jump through time to January 2nd, after all the festivities have past. Not because I don't want to celebrate the birth of Jesus, or being with family, but because I'm tired, just plain and simple, wore out. Ive put up a Pink Christmas tree in my daughters room,which she loves, didn't get around to putting up my sons, and finally wrapped 80% of presents, maybe Ill get to the rest before Christmas, hopefully. IDK.

Does it take time? How much time? Back, will I ever find it? That energy, the will, the strength, Ill take a dose of all three!

I'm going to take a nap, with my newborn...they say I should sleep when she does...

My post pregnancy appointment is Jan 5th...hopefully she has an answer!


  1. After I wrote this post, I reread it and decided I was tired of being tired. I went downstairs and began to prepare dinner, took kids baths, and folded the laundry. Im feeling pretty good right now even though I could probably use a tylenol and some sleep right now!

  2. My daughter give birth in 3 weeks, thanks for reminding me how hard it is and how tire you get. You have helped me to be a better mom...

  3. Jenna,
    Rest every chance you get!! Your three BEAUTIFUL children will be better off with a happy, rested mommy than with a decorated tree!! Your faith and your family is your greatest treasure and the other stuff (like laundry) is just not that important!

  4. Jenna, thank you for taking the time to swing by. As a new Mom you need to get all the rest you can. Remember to pamper yourself as well as loving on that new baby. Christmas is about family and being together not all the hipe with the decorations..that is your greatest treasure my friend.. You have so enriched my life these past few weeks.. I'm truly blessed to call you friend.. From our home to yours a Very Merry Christmas..hugs ~lynne~

  5. Aw, I hope you are feeling better soon! Sounds like you have a little bit of the Baby Blues. Which is totally okay. I bet your hormones are just adjusting. And you will spring back- these things take time! I felt like I didn't get back to normal for a year! Just remember to take it one day at a time, and find one thing everyday that makes you happy to be in the middle of it all!! Hope the holidays were happy for you and yours!!