Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pay it Forward...Handmade by ME!

While hopping around the blog world last night I came across MoMoMod Blog and signed up to take the plunge and pay it forward...
SOOOO.... I promise to send the first 3 people who leave a comment here on this post, something especially handmade by ME! To be eligible, you must post this to your blog and pay it forward to 3 more people!
The rules are that it must be handmade by You and sent to your 3 people sometime in 2011.
Please include your first name, blog address and email!
Cant wait! How exciting~! This is a fun way to get to know a few women out in the Blogger world! I haven't a clue what Ill make, but I am pretty crafty so keep your eyes peeled!!!


  1. Wahoo! I'll sign up! I'll go and share on my Facebook page as well! Thanks for posting, Jennifer!

  2. Me too...I love crafts.


  3. So nice to see those darling babies of yours again!
    I bet that sofa was gorgeous! But at least you got the bernhardt chair.....Don'tcha just hate when that happens?...Oh well the nice thing about CL is that eventually something even better comes up *winks* Vanna