Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Resolutions, Maybe Next year :0)

Last year 2010, I thought about all the could be resolutions for 2011... Like, Exercising daily, watching calorie intake, no soda, not saving big clothes as just incasers, decrapifying my home, living stress free, and soo many others... As a Mommy to 3 little ones 5 and under, I have ZERO time, I mean I have negative time. My kids are with me all the time, even when I should be alone, they are with me, HAHA! So this year I wanted to make myself set some time aside and try blogging at least 3 times a week.. We are 40 days into the new year and this is the second time Ive blogged. I know, I know, I should make time, and Ive tried believe me, I HAVE! Every time I log on to write, I don't feel compelled to write, Id rather read the happenings in your life!!! How do you all do it? Last year I tried writing while my kids slept, and became sleep deprived! This year I wont be doing that again! Ill be blogging as much as I can during the day, rather than at night. We all need our beauty sleep!

Last year my 5 year old started Kindergarten in August. He now has 3 months left of school and has learned so much is such a short amount of time. Here he is at 10 months already loving books. There is just something about hearing your son read a book to you for the first time... Its a beautiful thing!!!

He makes me so proud!

End of last year my lil ladies and I had some fun times. Many many tea parties, dress up days, play-do animal making, baking, and

Life is so fun having girls around. When Carters around hes our waiter, our cook, and bus boy! HAHA!!!

Hailey is a happy baby. She adores her brother and sister!

Although I cant get her to smile or pay attention during pictures, here are a couple of the best pictures i was able to capture.

Hailey would not smile for nothing, or anybody!!!


  1. Hi Jennifer!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
    Awwwwww your babies are just precious!! Picture perfect!
    you asked how to tell if a piece was old? I've learned from dealing with so many pieces over the years as an antique dealer. You can look for wear on the bottoms of the feet. Very old pieces will have wear. You don't make it 100+ years without some *winks* I'd sure love to see your chairs! Vanna

  2. You won the Feather Hen give away on my blog! Send me your email so that I can pass Heather's info. on to you :)