Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Any "Berts" out there???

What is the first thing you look at when you see someone? Lips, eyes, nose, ears, hair, it could be anyone of these things or something else... I see eyes. I can see a lot through your eyes like, happiness, pain, sadness, sleepiness, which is only a few of the many things I can see... But what I can't see past is a pair of bushy untamed brows, or in some cases uni brow! It's sad really to think that you could let yourself go so easy without maintaining, a part of your face that probably gets over looked daily. Without the fuzz, you can open up your eyes, and how people see you. Not only do they see you care about yourself, they see your face, without the shadows of unneeded hair. If you know anyone who needs a little help out there, let them know you are available to help them tame those bushy brows! I know I will!!!


  1. Are you talking about me? Oh, by the way this is Jessica and Shane...but I agree with you!!

  2. Hi Jenna! I have a neice Jenna who lives far from me and when I saw your name on my email I thought it was her! Nice to meet you and thanks for coming by! Congrats on your new baby girl soon to arrive and also your 2 yr old is beautiful!! As you probably saw on my blog I have a 2yr old granddaughter, isn't 2 the funnest time!! Now, as for the paint, its Glidden from Homedepot and its called warm caramel, it looks like melted chocolate ice cream! Of course you can copy my sidebar poem, I got it from an email and I copied it too! Take care Jenna, stop back and see my finished shabby room, I'll be back to visit you too! xo