Friday, July 24, 2009

Morning Glory

Its such a beautiful time of the year. So many plants, vines and trees have bloomed in many different colors. My favorite vine of the season is my Pink Morning Glory. It has just taken over the trellis, and bloomed these gorgeous pink trumpets. The only question I have is, "Why do they only bloom in the morning?"

They are so beautiful I'd really love to enjoy them all day rather then just with breakfast.
Wouldn't you?


  1. Hello Jenna,
    It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate the sweet B-day wishes and your kind visit to my blog. Thank you for following along as well. I'll do the same. Your blog is just wonderful. I'll be back to visit again soon.

    Congrats on the future new baby! It looks like you are due about the same time as my sister. She's due October 23rd with "Grayson".

    You have such beautiful flowers. ~Lovely.
    Have a blessed day my friend.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

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