Friday, July 24, 2009

Life's Tragedy's

Since I've been pregnant I cry for just about everything. When I'm in a conversation and speak of something sad or even happy, when I watch cartoons with the kids like Lion King or love stories with good endings, or when I read something. Daily I visit Cindy at and came upon her post from this morning. I barely got through the headline and already my heartstrings were being yanked... Just to give you an idea of the story, a wife and mother of 6 daughters was taken, along with her 7 year old daughter to heaven, all too quick.

If you haven't visited Cindy's blog, please follow that link to get to the story.

Stories like these make you realize whats important in life, the things we live for and the things we love. Also shows us how fast life is, the little dash between year born, and year of death.

The Murray family is in my thoughts and Prayers

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  1. Oh that story is horrible... i can't even begin to imagine.....