Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30,000 Mile Check

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to ME!!!

30 years ago, I was born. I am grateful and thankful to the Lord for everyday of my life. The good, the bad and the just plain Marvelous! I would also like to thank my parents for deciding to have a third, if it wasn't for them, well, I wouldn't be here!

I woke up feeling wonderful, sun was shining, and the birds were flying. Until about 2 hours later and the clouds rolled in, and it rained and rained. It poured ALL day, serious, all day. Despite all the rain, we went out and had a wonderful dinner. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my special day any other way! I Love my family!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! The 30's is a great decade.

  2. Happy birthday!!! You deserve nothing but the very best!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday you old woman, you! ;) Sorry I missed it. :) Hope you had a great day. Welcome to the 30's club! Muah!

  4. Happy Birthday to you and many happy birthdays in the future. You have it all! God has gifted you and I can tell you know this and are grateful!
    Many hugs too!
    p.s. Thank you so much for deciding to follow my blog. I hope I bring something special to your life.

  5. I just had a birthday last week too! Although I am slightly older, I have kids almost as old as you, 26 and 22, lol. Thanks for becoming a follower, and happy belated birthday! By the way, your baby is adorable!! Sue