Monday, February 22, 2010

Freshening Up

My darling baby is just about 3 months old and the effects of wear and tear are now starting to show! I've got the worst dark circles around my eyes, looks like I haven't slept in a few years!

Any ideas on what to do about them? Is there any natural way to rid of them for good? So for now I am sporting some new shades. Since I cant wear them 24-7, I need a fix fast!!! More hours in the day would be fabulous! Please share some ideas!!!


  1. I had the worst dark circles under my eyes for months after my baby was born. Rest helps...sorry I do remember those days, so that isn't a real option. You are probably a little run down also. Mine just got better with time.

  2. I think more Sleep is the only cure:( other than some over the counter stuff like creams I think, good luck Jen I know it's tough, hope ur able to get some rest that u know is much needed:)

  3. Ditto to previous comments. Unfortunatley that is your body telling you it needs to heal. Sleep and healthy food with a dose of sunshine should brighten up your face in no time.