Friday, February 5, 2010

Hailey, Holly, Hooly, Hilda and Hedy

Anyone ever watch Horton Hears a Who? Toward the end of the movie the Mayor introduces several of his daughters as "Hailey, Holly, Hooly, Hilda, Hedy". We thought it sounded catchy and cute, so since then we've sorta kinda nicknamed Hailey, Hailey Holly Hooly Hilda Hedy! Works real well if shes crying and we're trying to distract her.Whatever works right? LOL My lil darling is now 2 whole months young! She weighs 12lbs 2oz. Her stats are phenomenal says Dr. Lou. 93% in Height and 86% in weight. She is healthy and beginning the early fun stages of cradle cap, =0(...All in all, my lil darlin is an angel! She's an all night sleeper, and a daytime napper. She eats when she pleases, and doesn't hurt mommy at all! We are working well together!
She giggled for the first time on Tuesday, at her big brother Carter, silly boy! I cant wait to see what kind of lil one she blossoms into. Here are a couple pictures I snapped of my doll. I dressed her up, and what do you know, she conked out when I turned to grab the camera!


  1. Your daughter is so incredibly beautiful! You are truely blessed. Jamie

  2. She is just beautiful awake or asleep.

  3. Hi there. DON'T BLINK! She'll be up and running and off to college before you know what the heck happened! :) She is beautiful!
    BTW - I got the Apothacary jar at Tai Pan Trading Company in Rancho Cucamonga. If you can make it there . . . not sure where exactly in So Cal you are located - there is only one - in Ranch Cucamonga where the 15 and the 10 meet. But fair warning . . . it is a DEADLY store - and I mean absolutely positively to die for store. So be prepared!
    HAGD! Karen
    Some days are diamonds

  4. What a doll baby! She's so pretty... Loved the story..

    Thnaks for your sweet comments, and visiting.

  5. Oh my goodness she is just beautiful! And such a sweet outfit!

  6. What an exquisite child! And someone LOVES to see her dressed like a little doll! Adorable!!

  7. She is an angel!!! What a beautiful baby, I wish I could hold her...All of your children are beautiful...beautiful Mom genes and I'm sure Dad's are pretty good also...
    Give her a sweet little kiss for all of us bloggers who get to watch her grow...