Monday, December 1, 2008

A day of Thanks... Thanksgiving day...

Thanksgiving came and went! We celebrated this special day at my house, with all the family! It was lots of fun... It started out raining a bit, then cleared up. Turned out to be a nice warm day. Turkey went in about 9am and the family sat down to eat at around 230pm. Everything turned out yummy... Everyone got to do a little bit of something. My sis helped me out the most, I'm so glad she was able to do what I wasn't able to. It was also her birthday, which we also celebrated. My mom zoomed over to my house and started cooking when she arrived. Soon after it all started we were all so full, and then the best part cleaning! Melissa dried, while Michelle washed, so did Candy... Michelle was also chosen to tear apart the turkey! We were so blessed to have such a wonderful day. The food was delicious, the desert was yummy and the leftovers were even better!!! Here are a couple pictures of that special day!

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