Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celebrating 09 with the sniffles...

Hi, We are all not feeling ourselves! For the past several days we've been sick with the flu. Seemed like it was just an annoying cold at first, it keep lingering and lingering, till I've now

claimed it to be the flu. On Sunday we got to church and I asked Carter to please stand and clap his hands, he just looked at me. Knowing there had to be something wrong, I sat down next to him, hugged him, and felt his little hands, FREEZING! Then I felt his forehead and he was burning up... So we immediately left to the store for some Tylenol and cold medicine. 2 days later Katie and I woke up, messed up. so here we are today... New Years Eve sick, awake all night, exhausted bodies, just wanting to get well...Keep us is your prayers for a quick recovery and healing!!!

Happy New Year!!! and God Bless YOU!!!

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