Thursday, April 8, 2010

BEST IPhone Armband EVER!!!

My Love and I!!!

Along with my New Years Resolution to cut the clutter, which Ive been doing... I've also started weight training! My handsome husband is my trainer and he is AWESOME! When we have those sorta tired lazy days hes always there to encourage me, and remind me of my weight loss goals.
Since hes the greatest husband in the world he purchased me an armband for my IPhone. Actually he purchased me two. I got to choose which one I liked best. They both were terrific. But I had to choose one. The one I chose was from Belkin. I love it!!! The material is soft neoprene, it has a volume control on the outside, also has a keyhole just in case you go to the gym or a walk without your purse. It also has reflective material on face, for night runs or walks.

Have you purchased any special items for the IPhone that are a must have?? Please share!!!

Have you given into the IPAD yet? I think I'm going to pass on this one. Looks like an over sized IPhone! Have The price is crazy too! Besides, next year they'll come out with a new! Always happens!!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!! Time to hop on the treadmill!!!


  1. Oh that is huge! I havent given into the Iphone I think I can say Im pretty safe for now..and your right..wont be long before them come up with something new. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  2. I am such a country bumpkin Jenna, I don't even have an iphone or a normal cell phone for that matter ...I know, I know, but I like my life to be as simple as possible lol! Enjoy and good on you for doing weight training, so inspiring my friend ~ Tina xx

  3. I down loaded the Lose it on my IPHONE its free and it lets you count calories and so on maybe that will help? GOOD LUCK! I need one of those arm bands! =)