Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finding Furniture---I NEED YOU!!!!!!


How easy was it for you to find the perfect sofa? End tables? Coffee table? Chairs? Any piece that would go into a semi formal living room. How many stores did you leave empty handed?

This is where I am today, yesterday, the day before, the week before, and its driving me NUTS!

I'm searching for the perfect living room, the one that exists in my mind, the one that is functional, grown up and classy at the same time.

I'm searching for a sofa (or two love seats) that has turned legs, rolled arms, and a neutral fabric. I'm also searching for 2 chairs, not sure the kind, maybe something chunky with bolder fabric? I would like to incorporate black & white Damask in where ever I can. I'd also like to get drapes for both windows (not sure color).

Would anyone out there like to help?

I want the room pretty neutral, one day Id like dark hardwood floors. I have a blank slate, One big empty room. About 18ft long 12 wide, Ill measure when I head down stairs. Its a 3 walled room. The far wall has the fire place, and the left and right wall have large windows.

Got any ideas? Ill post some pics of my room soon... Thanks!


  1. Have you ever tried kijiji?

  2. Well, I would say I'm not one to help. How long did it take me to find the perfect living room furniture. Five years. Seriously. Then I found what I wanted at Ashley Furniture and had my local furniture store order it and got it for a cheaper price.