Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bow Craze!

There is nothing in the world cuter than a little girl with a bow in her hair.

I made a few and just had to try them on Hailey.
She loved the Pink and green!!! Purdy girl!
Then I decided to try on the green and brown.

As pretty as I thought it was she didn't like it at all.

Loved it.
Green and Brown.

Hated it.

For a 4 month old, she sure does know what she likes and doesn't like!!!

Little princess has chosen, Pink stays, green goes!!!


  1. Those are the most precious bows! She actually may not agree with me, based on her expressions, but she still looks like a princess! As they say, "Look at the little girl that bow is wearing!"

  2. I so love that last cute.