Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not much to say, only Pictures to Share

I love to carry my camera just about everywhere I go. It's 99% of the time always in my purse when I go anywhere. You never know when the kiddos are making the cutest faces, or you catch a glimpse of your "Dream Home" while your taking a scenic drive through the city. Here are a couple random shots over the past two weeks or so... I've been so busy these past few days updating Carters toddler Jungle room, to a Dinosaur big boy room, I need to snap some shots of that, maybe tomorrow.



  1. Hi Jenna!! Those are two adorable kidlets you've got there! And very photogenic too! I was so thrilled to read that you like my blog! And I have to tell ya, I too have suffered from migraines....Sooo many times I wish I could remove my brain and put it back when it was all over!! They are absolute HE-double hocky sticks!! I wish I knew more about complex ones. Having stroke symptoms must be really scary!! Because... how do you know if it isn't a stroke kwim? Well at least at my age I worry about that...You're still pretty young *winks* And I loved that vase of buttons! Great idea! I wonder if I have enough buttons to do that?.....Might have to bug my mom! And I too am a craigslist nut! Isn't it the best?!! I LOVE it!! Vanna

  2. Oh Jenna these are just Darling little sweet hearts you have there...and good for you being a stay at home Mommy..that is a full time job you have right there 24/7 and all your pays is in love and hugs..WAY to go girl..Jenna I just seen you are now following me and I want to thank you..I am going to add you to my list also..Thanks again and take care dear one..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Hi Jenna! Thanks for stopping by! I had a wonderful time at the show! Wish I had bottomless pockets...but then so does everybody else lol! *winks* Vanna