Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another cute Idea!

Today is a rainy day, so what a better way to pass the time then to read! I haven't received any new magazine's, so I decided to browse through Living, one I'd received months before.
While reading I came upon the cutest idea... A button filled flower Vase.

Photo used from Martha Stewart Living Magizine.

Here's how to do this crafty idea, especially since we all have tons of buttons laying around.

You'll need a large glass vase, a narrower vase that fits inside it, and enough buttons to fill the space between them. (We used vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, which, unlike plastic ones, are heavy enough that they won't float.)
Fill the bottom of the large vase with buttons, and place the second vessel on top. Add more buttons, filling the space between the vessels, and then add water.
Fill the smaller vessel with water, and arrange flowers inside.

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  1. It reminds me of how your mom was also so creative!!! its real pretty Jen!