Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dedication, maybe

My post "Lets Get Some Motivation" was all about cleaning, and reorganizing. A reachable resolution for the year 2010. Anyone ever heard of 24Hour Fitness? LOL I've been a member for the past 8 years,paid for in advance every year, even though the last time I went to the gym was in 2005...sad really =0(. Its not that I don't want to go. Its not that I don't care about myself. Its 5 miles away. Its a brand new facility. I have work out clothes. Whats the deal!

Its been almost 2 months since baby came, and NOW I'm feeling good. Ive been doing some cleaning, painting and got that little motivation I had one year ago. I think I'm ready to start working out! Here's why... Last week was my Daddy's Retirement Party (postin Manana) so I got the invite and was told to have everyone should be dressed in white shirts and jean bottoms... Sounds easy.. until I check my closet (future post..scary in it right now,LOL) and to my surprise I don't own a white shirt.! HOW? Maybe cause I'm nursing right now, or maybe cause I heart wearing black soooo much, I cant fit white into my closet. SOOO, whats a girl to do? I moseyed on down to Target... Picked up a couple winners and headed for the fitting room. I love Target, decor, housewares, I even like the toy isle (boo ToysRus), anywhooo one thing I hate are their fitting room MIRRORS! They are just plain RUDE! LOL They don't lie or even give you a break..! I picked a shirt to hide everything underneath and almost left the fitting room in tears!

WOW!!! I guess I should be a little easier on myself... This is the reason why I purposely didn't make it my New Year Resolution to loose weight! .... So Ive made a commitment to myself.... Today is Jan 21, 2010 (still cant believe its 2010) and by next January I will be fit and healthy the correct way, eating right and exercise. I'm nursing and plan to for the next year and a half so I cant diet...I know eating right and exercise work just as well if not better!

Don't know what your resolution was, but if you'd like to join me in this, we can call it our silent resolution, no one has to know! LOL

Be healthy and eat Smart!!!

***Pictured are my running shoes, got them @Kohls for 35 bucks, 30 bucks off...!!!*****


  1. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower...led me to your adorable Blog!!~ Congratulations on the new one...I will look forward to reading your blog:) Debbie

  2. I know how u feel but know that it takes 9months to gain and just as long to loose.. My cousin has a blog I follow called body remodeling in progress ck it out maybe it will help she had a baby 1yr ago also and breast feeds she found different ways to help her stay healthy for baby and still loose which she has ....all of it!! Good luck in ur journey :)

  3. WAY TO GO'll do it but it's hard when your nursing also..Thanks for coming by my piece of Calif where we have snow ha ha!! oh to be in once again and dream about snow and not have to shovel it ha ha!! Many blessing to you and your family today....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria