Sunday, January 10, 2010

Much to do..

To keep up with my cleaning resolution, I've started small. With a tiny one (Hailey) I can only do so much at a time before she wakes up. So a couple days ago during a nap I cleaned out my bedroom drawers.It went quite well, pop open a drawer, pull everything out and sort. If I hadnt used it within the last 6 months, it was send to the donate pile. I thought I would of had more than 2 grocery bags in the donate pile, maybe Ill have better luck in my closet!
After that was complete I felt soo good! Everything is neat and orderly, I know what I have, I found things I "lost" months ago before my preggo phase, it was awesome. After getting my drawers nice and neat, I thought, Wow, now I'm ready for something bigger...or so I thought!

I have this room downstairs, its used for many things. I have piles of this and that and the other in this room. It's "supposed" to be a laundry room, but since its rather large, I began storing homeless items. Now I have a laundry room full of homeless items!!!! I'm holding back the picture because you might faint if you see it. Its Mommys catch EVERYTHING room no one goes in. So I had my wonderful DH make a run to Lowes to pick up some bins. He purchased 10 bins. PERFECT!!!
(pictured is only 6 bins, couldnt reach to get the 7th one on top)
So this began my cleaning... I worked on it for one full day and filled 7 of the 10 bins. I have a pile of donate and removed tons of trash. It was the best feeling, I actually feel like I lost some weight cleaning this room, LOL. LOL I'm still laughing about that! I kept out one minor detail... The cleaning I did was just to the piled items! Ugh, I havent even got to the cabinets yet!!! ... Ill keep you posted on how thats going!!!


  1. Keep going you are doing a great job. I just love bins, make everything so much easier to store and find again. I'm now wanting a label maker so I can identify my bins!

  2. Oh MAN!!! I NEED to get cleaning too, instead of Blog surfing! LOL I am glad you liked that story! I will for sure be stopping by here again! I also have another blog.
    God bless!