Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Darling Baby

Happy 1 month, to Hailey Madison Page

One month old feet, sooo cute and perfect!

Sleeping soundly. Time for Mommy to nap...

Hailey is getting so big, I can hardly believe it.
Here she is sleeping in her Bassinet, which has been past down from my siblings and I to our children, and hopefully their children as well. The quilt, bumper and tiny pillow were all made with love by my mom. She did a fabulous job.
When I met Hailey one month ago, she was placed on my chest immediatly after delievery. Ive never had the opportunity to experiance this with either of my other children. The most beautiful bonding takes place during this time. Labor went by so fast I dont have not one picture, but I will never forget.
Hailey was also invited to her first Tea Party by her big sister, I tried taking a picture with my iphone, and only got one decent picture.
Here is lil Hailey asleep in her Moses Basket. This is where she sleeps when Mommy needs to get some work done. She is such a good sleeper, as well as eater.


  1. Oh she is precious! I am so happy you got to experience labor and being there to greet your little one. The work to birth them is so hard and when they are put on your chest...all worth it! Happy for you!

  2. Oh, beautiful babies! God bless you all!