Monday, January 25, 2010

In the Middle of Something, again...

Yuck, what is all that? Junk? LOL, Actually its my dining room, covered in living room items. Ive began to paint my builder white walls, finally, after 4 years. That first roll felt soo nice, the last roll isn't up yet, but I'm almost there! This is just a preview of whats going on. My sweet DH and I will be furniture shopping in the next couple weeks. I cant wait! I'm not too sure what I'm looking for, maybe one sofa, and 2 chairs. I'm also planning on hanging drapes and doing something definitely doing something with that Mantel. Paint white or Stain Dark? Still I'm not sure. My colors are Black&White, Brown, and Rust Orange. The walls are like a mocha colored and my carpet is beige, (one day Ill have hardwoods). I'm completely clueless on what color the sofa should be, something on the light side I'm guessing... any Ideas?


  1. I love a white mantel - it seems to make things I put on it stand out better. So thats my opinion on that! I love the color of your walls! I just painted my family room (its on my blog) and it is almost that same color. I am still in the midst of redoing it.
    Keep us posted on the redo!

  2. Stopping by for the first time! I love how you use picture frames to put all your photos in on here. How original. A great little "gimmick"!

    When we moved into our house, all the walls were "builder white" as you say. 3+ years later, just about every room is painted... except our master bedroom! It's still bland as bland can be.

    I like where you're heading with your designs!

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