Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm thrilled about, Book Page Wreath

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone in the blogging world has a wonderful relaxing weekend!

I was visiting Jen at Tater tots and Jello and today she is had a guest blogger Erin, from Chris, Erin & Jayce. Erin transformed plain plastic eggs, everyone has too many of, into a very elegant looking wreath! I hope to make time to do this, check out her tutorial by visiting Jen at Tater tots and Jello.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Jenna, thanks for sharing the link! I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your lovely comments this week - they meant the world to me, you are so very sweet!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend Jenna ~ Tina xx

  2. Jenna..what a wonderfully gorgeous creative idea..a great Easter gift perhaps? :)

  3. Hi Jenna, Thanks for your comment today! Yes, those are cute little white teeth in Tressa's mouth. She is a little treasure with her sweet face! Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Great wreath! It would take a lot of concentration but looks like fun :)