Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Break

We drove to San Diego's Wild Animal Park, spontaneously, which worked out rather nice!
Here are the kids watching the flamingos. We were there for about 25 minutes. These are Kaitlyn's favorite, aside from the giraffe. Carter did mention he was tired of staring at pink birds, but understood Katie wasn't ready to move on yet.
Our lil one slept the whole 3 hours we were there! Must be nice, getting pushed around and napping!
Hubbs snapped a picture. Came out DARK, okay though, hides flaws...
Here's Carter with a mouth full of Starbursts with the sun in his eyes, and his mommy saying "SMILE" this is what I got! LOL I'm still laughing!
And here's the lil lady! NEED to show this picture to her future husband in 20 years! So cute! Another Starburst lover!
Finally both, one smiling too much and the other not enough!
Carter and his mouth FULL, again, half smile...next time we go, NO treats!
These large birds were amazing. They had huge eggs, but I couldn't get a decent shot.
Had to take a shot of this lil guy. We had one of these growing up, Lulu, till she decided to take flight.
The park was rather empty today, so Carter got to run ahead of us to every exhibit.
Did you know it was impolite to stare at the gorillas?
Had to take a shot of this HUGE Silver back...
He dwarfed all the others.
Here's Carter against the image of a gorilla.
Here's a shot of the Love in my life, my Man!
Beautiful Lion
The kids and Daddy with the Lions in the background.
Great Shot
The kids and I, loving the elephants.
Daddy, with the kids, minus Hailey!
Mommy with Baby!
Love the openness of the enclosures here at the Wild Animal Park.
Carter walking ahead of us again...In his favorite RED hat.
Mommy asked him to Stop and SMILE, since it was now time to go HOME! Yippie! That was our spontaneous afternoon. Were planning on doing this again real soon!


  1. Jenna, these pics made me smile! What cuties your gorgeous children are! Looks like a fabulous way to spend the day. Great photos too:) Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina x

  2. What a gorgeous Zoo that is! Those gorillas where cool, and that lion looked like he was eying you up for lunch!

  3. Your pictures are so wonderful -- they don't even look real. I have to ask -- what kind of a camera do you have? Those are some of the best shots I've seen on a blog!

  4. Fabulous pictures. Looks like you had a blast! ~Liz