Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Rules....

(My layered birthday cake made for me by Kaitlyn)
(Here's Kaitlyn showing me her cake again, insisting on carrying it everywhere, driving me nuts, and all I keep doing is sweeping!LOL So I asked her if I could stick it in a baggie, then she could carry it around! LOL)
I woke up feeling FANTASTIC! Which hardly ever happens. So I decided to have a non-stop day with the kiddos and house duties. I started off with breakfast with the older two, while lil sleeping beauty Hailey was still snoozing. Threw a load in, then we did some learning. Carter calls it homework, what it is, is studying his letters, numbers, sounds, cutting and his name. Then princess woke up, so while the kids colored the lessons of the day, I fed Hailey. (Folded the load, and threw another in) After that we decided to come down and play with some play dough, FUN FUN!!! Messy Messy but oh so fun, well worth it!
(Very proud of her dough skills)
(Kate holding the horse Carter made)
(Carters self portrait! Impressive lil dude!Yes that huge Step2 house is inside where my nook table is supposed to be!!! Not for much longer though!)
(Carters play dough creation of a horse)
The kids aren't ever done playing play dough. (Folded more and threw another in and swept) Fed Hailey again and shes out for her first nap. (Swept play dough, emptied dish washer) So I prepare lunch and empty out the sink, wash dishes and what not, and start thinking about dinner. Kids eat, Hailey is asleep. (Fold load, threw another in) Align Center
(Carter took this picture of his watch, on his wrist! )
Craft time has begun and we are cutting, gluing, ripping, everything you can imagine! ( I sweep again, this time PAPER) while they are still cutting away I'm talking to the wall at this point telling the kids to please cut over the craft mats. LOL didn't listen... So Hailey is up and eats again. Ive started strolling her around in the stroller around the house, so I can get a few things done. Its hard doing things one handed and sooo much easier without a baby on your hip! (Folded again, forgot to throw a load in) Then we sit and read a couple books, do puzzles and play Lego's.Fed lil Hailey and shes asleep again. Kaitlyn asks if its time for dinner, cause shes really hungry! LOL! So I prepare dinner, and as I'm cutting the chicken Hailey wakes up, perfect timing! So by the time dinner is done, brownies are done, kids are eating, I'm feeding Hailey again, playing and its finally my turn to eat. it is now 630 and I need them to be upstairs by 7 to get my new bedtime routine started. We made it! Kids are showered, teeth are brushed and its still 7:20pm. Nice! So we read several books, talk about what we'd like to do tomorrow and by 8 they are in bed!!! I check on them every 15 mins after that till they are asleep. I'm proud to say they were asleep by 815!!! I am thrilled, and don't know what to do with myself, so I came to you blogging friends! This is my new routine, I hope it works daily and we stick to it. Its hard but very beneficial especially since I think my lil ones need more sleep, since they don't nap...
Ill let you know if its still working after a week! Oh yeah and I finished all of my laundry in one day! And the brownies were Delicious!!!!!!

My warm brownie with vanilla ice cream, whipped creme, and strawberries! YUM-O!!!

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