Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Won I Won I Won!!!!

I''m writing this post to share that I WON! I think Ive won the best giveaway ever! As many of you know, I delivered my daughter a lil over 3 months ago. Hailey had everything ready for her, hair bows, shoes, clothes, burpies, EVERYTHING, except her bedroom! In all the excitement, I think I just kept putting it off, and putting it off, till she arrived! And now that shes here, Mommy feels horrible =0(!!! So I did what all you blogging Mommy's did... Enter a giveaway! Kelly at Much to Do With Nothing was having a giveaway, but not just any giveaway, a crib bedding giveaway! The set included Crib skirt, Crib bumper, Crib quilt, and Toss Pillow. All made out of the softest materials! This is JUST what I needed to give me a jump start on Hailey's room!

And guess what I WON!!!! This was a blessing! We all know how much crib bedding costs,lots and lots of dollars (as my 2yr old would have said) , which is probably another reason why I hadn't purchased it. I immediately thanked God for such a talented woman he put on earth, who'd spent countless hours, and many blinks sewing together this creation, where I would be laying my little princess to sleep in for the next several years. What a beautiful surprise! I found Kelly's Blog a couple weeks ago, and had caught my eye since she re-upholsters and slip covers furniture. Ive got all kinds of that TO-DO furniture sitting and waiting for me in my garage, I was definantly inspired and I knew immediately her blog was going on my favorites list!

Well this morning when my ring bell (like my 4yr old says) rang, to my surprise it was my mail carrier with a package addressed to ME!!! My son assisted in the opening part and my daughter helped take it out of the package. It was the beautiful crib bedding I'd won! So without thinking I popped it open and propped Hailey on it to take some pics and get a reaction. She's a doll and didn't cry at all! Her little hands kept touching the chenille fabric back and forth! My only regret is I didn't change her to match the bedding or even run to grab her a hair bow! So sorry, but when its on the crib I promise to dress her up like a doll! I cut and filed her nails 3 days ago, and she still manages to scratch her face!

Kelly has several different fabric choices, in a variety of textures. All very beautiful. She needs to open up an Etsy shop! So if your pregnant or know anyone who's pregnant and looking for bedding thats beautiful and handmade visit Kelly at Much To Do With Nothing, she may just have what your looking for. Thank you again Kelly!!!


  1. I am so happy for you! Beautiful crib set!

  2. How exciting! And what a blessing! And your little angel looks perfect just the way she is!

  3. Oh Jenna, that is just wonderful!! I am so happy for you and how gorgeous is your little princess:) Gorgeous bedding too, what a talented lady Kelly is! Enjoy your gorgeous new crib bedding, I am sure your little one will have very sweet dreams sleeping in such sweet bedding.~ Tina x

  4. What a beautiful angel from God you have.

    What a blessing to have won that bedding. Isn't God just awesome!!!

  5. Kelly's talents abound. I'm so happy that you won! I think Hailey really likes it too!

  6. Hi Jenna,
    She is So Adorable! in that blanket. I see her little fingers scratching the texture. I clicked on the pic to make her very close up. She is beautiful! I'm so glad you won!
    xoxo Kelly

  7. your daughter is beautiful... looks like shes happy you won!!injoy your wonderful gift..

  8. Congrats on your win!:) Your lil' one is adorable as can be!

  9. Ahh! You lucky duck, you! I love giveaways!
    I am happy that you won, it sounds like it made your day!

    I poked around your blog, I am here from my blog, where you left me a comment! Thanks by the way, I love comments.

    Mind if I follow you?

    I have giveaways ever so often, and would love to see you around more!

    have a great day, and its great that you WON!!

  10. Congrats on your win. :) I love Giveaways. Thanks for the visit!